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We train

Great love to geology gives rise to a great desire to share it with everyone. We deliver free lectures, talk to students, school children and kids: sharing and showing what we know about the world back then during dinosaur times.


Such talks help us to stay aligned with reality, dig deeper and find something each time for ourselves. And our audience of different age gain a lot from such talks and meetings helping them expand their vision of the world or navigate them in career orientation.

If you want to have such talks or have ideas how to transform them into an incredible experience by combining our efforts, then you are the one we welcome most. We are sure to think of something for everyone.

Educational half-marathon

The first educational half-marathon «Oilman’s Key Tools» started at Energy Craft. In order to find new oil fields you need to be able to express your thoughts competently and clearly. Nikolai Redkin and Andrei Gaiduk conducted a series of lectures for young professionals which included information visualization in MS Excel and MS Power Point, a master class on public speaking and individual analysis of projects. The young interns were delighted and received a lot of useful advice, which they will be able to use at the upcoming Youth Forum.