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Discovering Deposits

We provide services throughout the geological exploration from prospecting to field development. We design, process and interpret seismic data. We work with all geophysical methods. We create conceptual geological models, support drilling operations and estimate resources and risks.​

for licensing process

We have assessed 100+ licenced areas, 20 of which have already been prepared for purchase, with oil and gas deposits, including the big ones, being discovered within 5 of them.

During the assessment, we perform the entire cycle of turnkey work: we collect data, create a conceptual geological model of the site, map and evaluate objects with high perspective, conduct an economic justification of the profitability of the project.

Seismic data processing and interpretation

We love working with seismic data.
Our specialists have a 17+ year experience in analisis of sea and surface data.

We can process 2D and 3D data. In our projects we have tested a lot of surface technologies. We can combine them with non-seismic methods to improve the quality of data in difficult conditions.

We are able to interpret large amounts of 2D data of different quality, support processing and development, do all kinds of structural and quantitative interpretation of 3D seismic data.

Seismic modelling

We have completed more than 80 projects in the field of designing geological field techniques and modeling seismic data. Both Russian (Western and Eastern Siberia, the Volga Region, the Far East) and international (Latin America, Asia, the Middle East).

Seismogeological modeling is a special tool that is used at different stages of exploration. At the design stage of the geological field techniques, it is used to select the main shooting parameters. At the processing stage, it helps to test procedures and choose the best processing algorithms. At the interpretation stage, it evaluates the properties of the soil and the possibility of performing a qualitative dynamic interpretation.

Exploration program planning

We have been assisting in geological explorations planning for more than 10 years. During this period, we helped to discover 10 deposits. We have experience in supervising the exploration process from the first exploratory well to the commissioning of the field.

Search for missed deposits

We search for missed deposits using dynamic analysis of seismic data, integration of geophysical methods and additional studies in wells (geological and technical studies, well logging, core samples).

A new look at the available geological and geophysical information makes it possible to prepare additional reserves for production in new formations and on the flanks of deposits.

Field development surveillance

We provide field development surveillance based on our own structural constructions, which are promptly adjusted based on drilling results. We use our own methods of structural constructions and dynamic analysis of seismicdata to predict the depth of layers. The use of these techniques allows to reduce the discrepancies between the design and actual well sections to the first meters and significantly improve the quality of the reservoir forecast.